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About Alsa:

Undergraduate software developer, final year Software Engineering B.Sc(hons) student at the University of Liverpool, UK. Currently working for a software company producing trading software for US companies.

I have experience in Java, C++, C#, ASP .NET and assembly language, my interest in computers was started at a young age. My parents bought me a Spectrum 128k (built-in tape deck!!) when I was about nine and they bought me an Amiga 600+ when I was 13. A cute, studious guy in secondary school got me into Amos Basic on the Amiga and that was how my interest in computing really took off.

Apart from computing, I adore cycling, love dogs, cats, most animals. Experienced /b/tard, I'm a bit of a furfag but not that big a fan of Mudkips. I play World of Warcraft on Zenedar EU and occasionally Bloodhoof EU.

I can be contacted on MSN or by email at: [REDACTED]